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Eagle Sash Tongue
Item #: JSM2184
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Mike Miller unearthed this tongue portion of a two-piece sash buckle in central Virginia several decades ago. Sash buckles were thin stamped brass buckles worn on a cloth belt for a woman's dress in styles common to the Victorian era. Sash buckles were of countless motifs from plain one-piece to two-piece construction from simple to floral to patriotic motifs. Information about these interesting relics is sparse. What we do know is that a number of them have turned up in camps--where there were plenty of female visitors throughout the winter months--but never from the battlefield, to my knowledge, unless from a house site in the area.This one measures 50 x 50mm and was repaired with glue. The design mimics a popular design found on many cast brass miltia two-piece plates of the ante-bellum era.
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