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I will be at the following shows / events this year. Stop and say hello!

2016 Shows we will set up for sales of books, magazines, and relics. Also setting up for photography for North South Trader's Civil War magazine. There is no charge for photos of material used in the publication:

Jan 16-17: Charleston, SC, Show. A great event at the Omar Shrine Temple in Mount Pleasant. Wonderful city for history, dining, and relics! The show is noted for its conviviality. One we never miss. It is back to a two-day event!

Feb. 6-7: Dalton, GA, Show. Another don't miss show that gets better every year.

Mar. 5: Fredericksburg, VA. One of the old-time CW shows sponsored by the Fredericksburg Relic Hunter's Association. Good digger's show at the Eagle's Lodge.

Mar. 19-20: Baltimore Antique Arms Collector's Show. The crown jewel of east coast antique arms shows. Everything from soup to nuts.

April 8-9: NVRHA show at the Fredericksburg Expo Center. Excellent event sponsored by a great digger's club. Friday afternoon and Saturday only.

April 30-May1: Mansfield, Ohio, show--the best in the mid-west. Founded by Don Williams 39 years ago and carried forward by his family to a multi-building spectacular show featuring American militaria from colonial era to the present.

June 25-26: Gettysburg, PA, at the Eisenhower Inn's All Star Sports Center. A classic event.

July 16-17: Richmond, Virginia, the "National Civil War & Antique Arms Show" sponsored by North South Trader's Civil War magazine. Considered the best Civil War show in the world by many! Held at the Richmond Raceway on Laburnam Ave. The show features American military collectibles from 1776-1945. Call 540-672-4845 or visit nstcw.com

Oct. 29-30: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The annual Autumn Gettysburg Show at the Allstar Sports Complex adjacent to the Eisenhower Inn & Conference Center. Sponsored by the two giants of Civil War reference book publishing--North South Trader's Civil War and Thomas Publications. Sat 9-5, Sun 9-3. Call 717-642-6600 for more information, or 540-672-4845 or visit nstcw.com

Nov. 12-13: Richmond, Virginia. Capitol of Confederacy Show. One of the "don't miss" shows sponsored by Mike Kent. Richmond Raceway Complex. Mike@MKShows.com for more information.

Dec. 3-4: Franklin, TN. Another great Mike Kent show, this is a highlight of the Christmas Season for most Civil War dealers. Terrific show. Sat 9-5, Sun 9-3. Mike@MKShows.com for details.