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Burnside Carbine
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Burnside Carbine Burnside Carbine Burnside Carbine Burnside Carbine Burnside Carbine Burnside Carbine Burnside Carbine
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Ambrose Burnside is known to history for his appalling failure as commander of the Union army at the Battle of Fredericksburg. Unknown to nearly all but collectors of Civil War artifacts, Burnside's qualities lay elsewhere but on the battlefield. His invention of the carbine that bears his name was a testimony to his ability to conceive and design an effective firearm. His invention became one of the top three carbines purchased by the US Army during the war. His other abilities as a governor, senator, and railroad director were also successful pursuits.

His carbine was a .54 caliber, single shot, percussion breechloader. Between 1857 and 1863 there were five improvements in the weapon resulting in five different models. This is an example of the 5th Model Burnside carbine. This is the model sold to the government in largest quantities, approximately 43,000 between 1863 and 1865. It's primary improvement over the 4th model is the addition of a guide screw in the middle of the obverse frame that enables smoother functioning of the breech as it moves in the curved groove in the breech block. Lockplate is stamped "BURNSIDE RIFLE Co / Providence=R.I." The top of the frame is marked "BURNSIDE PATENT / MODEL OF 1864.' Below that is the early serial number "797" issued in 1863. It is also stamped on the top of the breech. Sub inspector's initial "W" is found on numerous parts. Military inspector's two cartouches are still visible on the reverse stock above the trigger guard. Traces of case hardening and bluing can still be discerned on various components. Rifling and bore are good. Stock is solid. All parts original, unrepaired, and functional.

This carbine saw significant active service. Despite that, we do not recommend firing it or any antique firearm and we accept no responsibility for doing so. Harm could result to the antique and / or the user.


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