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Froelich Staff & Field
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Froelich Staff & Field Froelich Staff & Field Froelich Staff & Field Froelich Staff & Field Froelich Staff & Field Froelich Staff & Field Froelich Staff & Field Froelich Staff & Field Froelich Staff & Field Froelich Staff & Field
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Here is a great Confederate sword--a Froelich staff and field officer's sword and scabbard in excellent condition. This is one of the most desirable and recognizable Confederate swords with its distinctive cast brass hilt bearing "CSA" in the guard. This product was well made and very serviceable. There were four different types of this model and this is considered the standard type. Its blade measures 31 7/16" with an unstopped fuller that begins about 3/4" below the guard and extends another 21 1/2" towards the tip. The brass hilt is a nice soft yellow with a small Roman numeral X carved into the front edge where the quillon and the guard branch meet. The ferrule and pommel are slightly coppery in hue. The grip is black leather with 11 turns of single strand brass wire. The grip reveals wear at the point where the fleshy base of the officer's thumb would have gripped the sword. This is normal wear for a sword that was actually used. The iron scabbard is in beautiful condition without creases or deep dings. The throat and ring mounts are brass but the rings and drag are iron. The rings appear to have been fashioned from heavy iron wire cut and threaded through the mount holes and formed into a ring. The throat also has a matching Roman numeral X carved into it to match the sword to the scabbard during final assembly. This has been in a private collection for many years.

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