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Emerson & Silver Artillery Sword
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Emerson & Silver Artillery Sword Emerson & Silver Artillery Sword Emerson & Silver Artillery Sword Emerson & Silver Artillery Sword Emerson & Silver Artillery Sword
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The firm of Emerson & Silver of Trenton, New Jersey, made US Model 1840 artillery sabres for the state of New Jersey. The quantity produced remains unknown and examples are rare. This unique product differed from the regulation Model 1840 artillery sabre in that it used the 1860 cavalry blade, but two inches shorter (32") and only the large fuller type. Consequently, the curve of the E&S artillery blade is shallower than the 1840 regulation. The scabbard is also noticeably different in that it is not as heavy as the 1860 cavalry scabbard that conforms to the blade. Overall, the E & S artillery sabre was a cheaper and less substantial weapon than the regulation type. "Emerson & Silver / Trenton, NJ" on the ricasso and "N.J / 1863" on the obverse. We presume this one saw service--a soldier cut a cross-hatch on both sides of the quillon. Beautiful condition!

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