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World War I Mess Kit with ID
Item #: JSM 2119
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Six-piece mess kit consisting of US army issue canteen, cup, mess tin, knife, fork, and spoon. The canteen was made by L.F. & C. 1918, and has brass spout, chain and attchment ring. The cup bears "Wm Bell" tapped into the metal. The mess tin also has Wm. Bell tapped into it. Tin and cup both show where Bell initially scratched his name into the metal before marking them more permanently with a hammer and knife point. (It looks as though Bell used his mess knife to tap in his name in the cup and mess tin--the point fits perfectly and the back end of the knife handle is slightly flattened by blunt force.) The knife, made by A.C.Co., 1917 also proclaims "Wm. Bell" tapped into the left side of the grip, the spoon also bears the same distinctive lettering, the fork has the letters "WB" stamped on the reverse of the handle, though it appears like a maker's initials. All three utensils are standard "US" emblazoned army issue. All pieces are in good condition. A great ID'd group!
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